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3D Design

MADMAT 3D Printing typically encourages you to check online first for FREE 3D Designs because… well they’re free, what other reason do you need? But in some cases this just won’t cut it, so we can come to the rescue and can make your design come to life with a number of free softwares and Autodesk Inventor.

To get FREE Designs check out the following links (p.s. they’ll popup in a new window)

Thingiverse         Youmagine         My Mini Factory

To design your own prints though you’re going to need some CAD software, check out the links below to download some free ones. If you want to know more about the software’s make sure to check out our training classes or EMAIL us.

123D Design – Parametric design for 3D Printing
Meshmixer – Organic stl editor
Catch – Photo to 3D scanning software
Tinkerplay – Mobile app to use pre made interlocking parts
Blender – Advanced/complex 3D Design software
FreeCAD – Programing 3D Design

MADMAT 3D Printing can also do your designs for you if you want to save yourself the time and get it done right the first time!

We currently charge $80 minimum per design + $65/hr
If you just need touching up though for print optimisation, we’ll include it in the print cost.