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3D Lithophane

3D Printed Lithophanes are one of the coolest uses of 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing to date!

You may want a custom sized print which is not 10x10 or 14x14 which is also doable. The cost roughly works out to be 5cm^2/$1 so we give you the option to choose your own size.
*We can also make the image curved, but this requires direct contact for a quote.

Any Photo can be submitted to produce one of these works of art and then you can display the image by:
- Holding the image to the light
- Resting it on a window
- Custom light box of your own
- Light box from our store

If you're really creative, a texture could be printed with one of these and then imprinted into clay, sand or ink press, to give an in depth image in other objects.

The effect works with the below light colours of plastic in ABS. If you want to try another material a special order needs to be made.
- Snow white, Autumn Red, Winter Pink, Electric Blue, Natural, Spring Green, Sunflower Yellow and Flame Orange

This product covers cost for creation of the file, printing and letter postage

Please enquire for more details

Email: info@madmat3dprinting.com.au