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3D Printing

This is what started it all and the list of what we can offer in this area is really what sets us apart from your average 3D Printing service.

MADMAT 3D Printing has over 28 Colours of ABS, and can print in over 10 different kinds of plastic, including flexible!

Because of the high variability of 3D Printing it’s hard for us to put a fixed price on it and all jobs vary in price. Below is ONLY a guideline to help you.

Minimum price for any NEW OBJECT is $80*

Minimum Design cost is $80 + $65/hr

Materials costs are listed below for a print of 0.2-0.3mm resolution.

  • ABS Std or Fluoro 50-60c/g
  • ABS Glow in Dark or Transparent 70c-80c/g
  • ABS Colour Change Temp OR UV 100-110c/g
  • ABS Conductive 100-110c/g
  • PLA Std or Glow 60-70c/g
  • PLA Copper Fill OR Flex 120-130c/g
  • HIPS 50-60c/g
  • Nylon 90-100c/g
  • Poly Carbonate 90-100c/g
  • PETG 50-60c/g
  • Flex 80-90c/g
  • Wood 90-100c/g

Keep in mind that 3D Printing is an additive manufacturing method which means that you only pay for the plastic that is used during the print BUT it’s a slow process to get the best results which is what we always aim to produce.

Want to get an instant Estimate? CLICK HERE to check out our 3D Hubs page. While you’re there, feel free to look around and see if anyone else can match our attention to detail and quality.