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3D Scanning

This is growing just as rapidly as 3D Printing lately and we’re super amazed by what can be achieved with this technology. We can offer a wide range of support to do your own scans or we can do them for you if you’re located along the South Coast or Sydney.

There are a few FREE software’s to choose from. We recommend 123D CATCH if you only have a camera. The more advanced software from Autodesk of late is MOMENTO which also uses Photogrammetry.

For those users with an Xbox 360 Kinect Scanner, you’re in luck! SKANECT has free trial versions for beginners. If you attend one of our training classed we’ll let you know who to make the most of it.

MADMAT 3D Printing can do you’re scan’s locally or come and meet us!

We currently charge $60/scan using Skanect as we’ve got the pro version
If you’ve already taken the photos and want Photogrammetry, we’ll use Momento for you and stich it for $30

BONUS OFFER! If we do the scan for you and you print it with us, you avoid the startup fee