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About Us

MADMAT 3D Printing is a "One stop shop" solution to consumer 3D Printing. We service a large range of areas up and down the South coast of NSW including; Sydney, Wollongong, Shellharbour, Albion Park Rail, Nowra, Ulladulla and Batemans Bay. Because of the Glocalisation (Global knowledge on local scale) the internet has provided, we also have customers in; Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth!

What makes us different from many other 3D services is that rather than just giving you a quote on how much your print will cost you, we inspect the file and work out how to BEST optimise it to give you both VALUE FOR MONEY and HIGHEST POSSIBLE QUALITY.

We're also rapidly expanding into the rest of the 3D Printing Market place and include a long list of services that many others cannot provide. Supplier of FDM 3D PrintingScanning, Design, Training, Repair, Consulting, Hire and Printing.

Our story

Mathew Danic has a background in Science, Chemistry, Design and Tech Support, which has allowed him to tackle the issues that the future market of 3D Printing will face. He saw that there was a huge gap between public knowledge of 3D Printing and where the Market is heading. Rather than just seeing 3D Printers as something that everyone will have in their house one day, he looked into the value of a 3D Printer in every home and found that most people still have a fear of the new technology but at the same time are REALLY excited. Because of this, his latest idea to have a network of local 3D Printers all running the same software and files, allows people to take the technical side out and replace it with just the simple press of a button.

"When I was young and first heard about the idea of 3D Printing I thought it was in the relem of science fiction for the average person. 15 years later I found out that the technology was already 30years old now and the Patients were finally starting to drop. I quickly realised the potential and after finishing my BSChemistry at UOW I pursued 3D Printing as a carreer path to shed some new light on the industry that was fast growing. 

Now after a year of experience, MADMAT 3DP has grown to supply 3D Services to both business, schools and the general public. This would never have been a reality if it wern't for my family and support of new friends made along the way. I will continue to make sure that 3D Printing is kept accessible for all and allow peoples imaginations to run wild with ideas."
~ CEO, Mathew A Danic 


Our partners

Three Farm

Three Farm is a social design enterprise based in Sydney, Australia. We started as a group of friends with different backgrounds in design, ceramics, art, photography, printing, business and marketing.

We all share a vision of sustainable and ethical futures informed and encouraged by the principals of the next industrial revolution. One area of this technological revolution that really grabs us is the democratisation of manufacturing and the movement into additive manufacturing and digital manufacturing.

Three Farm facilitates cultural engagement though the marriage of digital and tradition fabrication and the use of  up-cycled materials as a platform for teaching design thinking to action a meaningful and sustainable process for social development. 


Makers Place

Makers Place Inc, is a Not-For-Profit organisation founded by Australian social designers Three Farm

Makers Place is run by volunteers who activate the principles of the Maker Movement. Our community consists of like-minded people who are passionate about innovating, creating and collaborating.

We provide access to equipment, a safe environment, wifi and the knowledge that most Makers don't have in their own kit. In exchange for a monthly membership fee, Makers Place provides approximately $22,000 worth of equipment under one roof.


Please feel free to get in contact with us if you have any more questions and to find out how we can help make your ideas come to life.