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First blog post!

Posted by -CEO Mathew A Danic on


We're so glad to continue to keep on growing and moved our way up to a BIG Commerce Website. Our original shopping cart was never really anything to boast about, but now the range and flexibility of our products will make you just as MAD as we are!


MADMAT 3D Printing is all about every thing that is 3D Printing! We offer the widest range of filament in Australia for FDM Printing and the coolest 3DP designs on the market right now! Initially we started out just as a 3DP parts maker, but soon realised that this is only the tip of the iceberg for 3DP technology and have rapidly expanded into:

- 3D Scanning

- 3D Design

- 3D Printing Post Processing

- 3D Printer Repair

- 3D Printing tutorials and introductions

- 3D Printing Supplier!!!

So for all things you need 3D Printing in Australia, look no further than MADMAT 3D Printing. You can also check out our FACEBOOK page for the latest updates!

For any inquiries on what we can do FOR YOU please drop everything else* and email us right now! We really want to see you dive into 3D Printing and experience what it can do for you today. And with a response time of within 24hrs (usually 1-2hrs) you no longer need to be in the dark about this emerging technology!

We'll talk to you soon!

*Don't really drop everything, something might break...