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Flexible Filament

Products to be added soon.

In stock now is Natural, White, Green, Yellow, Red and Blue
1kg spool costs $62 and it can be bought in a smaller sample size of 100g for $8.60

Flexible filament is something of a fascination when you show all your friends what 3D Printing can do. Rather than being limited to fixed rigid objects, Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) allows you to print the object in the required shape, and then stretch it over a hard object (like a phone case) or to even curve around an object. It is not an elastic rubber and over stretching will cause it to remain over stretched, however it does have an extremely good compression and layer adhesion making it really awesome to print in.

Printing temperatures range from 220-2500C depending on how fast you print it. We do recommend a heated bed if you have access to one and to print at 800C and up to keep it stuck well. If you don’t want stretching to be an issue, you can try increase the thickness and density of the object and it will help out the structure.

Enquire directly for details on how to print in Flexible filament