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Nylon Filament

Products to be added soon.

In stock now is Natural, White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue and Black
1kg spool costs $49 and it can be bought in a smaller sample size of 100g for $7.20

Used for making strong yet flexible parts as it is very high wearing. Traditionally used in fishing line and clothing, there are many benefits to be able to print with it also. The strength is greater than ABS if printed correctly, however layer adhesion can be an issue at times. It is extremely crucial with Nylon that you get good adhesion to the bed, otherwise it will lift and fail your print. A UHU gluestick seems to work best ontop of blue tape, but any major temperature fluctuations over time may still cause it to lift. It is rumoured to be able to print at PLA temps and still get good results but we are yet to experice this and suggest that the hotter the better between 230-2500C.

The nozzle may start to dribble however if the temp is too high (>2400C) so it is recommended to try and reduce the amount of bridges used so the nozzle is constantly extruding for the object to reduce clean up time.

Pro tip- If you need a support structure you don’t have to spend heaps of money on PVA filament, you can just use ABS or PLA and dissolve them in acetone or soapy water and the Nylon will remain unharmed. (Same for PC)

Enquire directly for details on how to print in Nylon