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PETG Filament

Products to be added soon.

In stock now is Natural which is printed transparently if correct settings used
1kg spool costs $49 and it can be bought in a smaller sample size of 100g for $7.20

PolyEthylene Glycol is in essence, Soft drink bottle plastic (PET) but the Glycol is added to reduce the melting point to 190-2600C which makes it able to print like PLA at 2100C but you’ll have the strength of ABS which is really useful sometimes. The hotter you print it the more the nozzle does start to run, but you get a nicer finish as the Glass transition point is around 250oC. We suggest printing it at the lower temps and then depending on the part, you can heat treat it afterwards and get a part that looks like glass. If you leave it too long though, you will most likely end up with a blob of plastic so be careful!

A new solution can be applied into hollow thin objects though which smooths the surface and then allows it to go clear as the light is no longer scattered. It also doesn’t react to acetone so ABS support structure can be printed and dissolved away, but it is a rather messy process.

Enquire directly for details on how to print in PETG