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PLA Filament

Unfortunatly we've sold out of ALL of our PLA stock and will not be restocking any of our filaments. If you really did enjoy our PLA, please let us know and we might be able to put you in contact with our supplier directly for future orders.

The information below is still valid for our PLA product and most others out there. We recommend trying our Woodfill PLA if you're after trying something new.

Polylactic acid is derived from natural starches and fibres found it corn and potatoes. It’s intended to be biodegradable at the end of its life cycle but if not composted and sorted correctly, it typically ends up with the other plastics in landfill.

As a 3D Printing Plastic it is rather useful in some applications as it has a relatively low melting point and hence it doesn’t warp as much when printed onto a cold bed. The models are also visually appealing due to PLA being a little more optically clear. The fumes during printing are also reduced making it potentially safer around children.

If your printer can print in ABS it should be able to accept PLA and it’s great to include in your collection of filaments. We don’t get a chance to use it much though because it’s not strong enough to thread screws and can be rather brittle unlike ABS. 

Please enquire directly for details