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Polycarbonate Filament

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In stock now is Natural, White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue and Black1kg spool costs $69 and it can be bought in a smaller sample size of 100g for $9

PC is like ABS turned up to 12, it has a higher melting point and increased strength, but is also very hard to print with because of it. A heated bed is needed as it does like to warp as it cools down. The minimum temp you can print it in is 2500C but it can go up to and over 3000C to get the best results. The catch of printing it with lower temps, means that you need slower speeds of around 30mm/s to ensure that it gets enough heat. This difficulty in printing though pays off when the final part is intended to be used in hot places as it should only start melting above 150oC whereas ABS will tip off at 100oC.

Should be printed in well-ventilated area and is not recommended for the beginner. It does have it’s application in some places but it is not a replacement to the more humble ABS as an everyday filament.

Enquire directly for details on how to print in PC

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