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Wood Filament

Product to be added soon.

In stock now is Natural which is a mix of 40% Wood Flour and 60% PLA
1kg spool costs $69 and it can be bought in a smaller sample size of 100g for $8

Wood filament contains at least 40% sawdust/wood fibers encased in a carrier plastic (most likely PLA). It prints with the exact same specs of ABS but with much less warping as it is PLA plastic. By changing the temp during the print it is possible to get a burnt wood finish. Printing is possible between 180-2500C depending on the colour you want and how fast you want to print the object.

The finished product can be post treated as you would commonly with any wooden object. It can be sanded and polished to give a really awesome look and feel. The ‘Grain’ of the timber is present in the layers.

Enquire directly for details on how to print in Wood Fill