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Repair and Assembly

With all of 3D Printing’s complexities, break downs do happen from time to time but not everyone knows how to fix these things. MADMAT 3D Printing offer’s an affordable way to get you back up and running. We try to troubleshoot your problem online first and if you can’t get it done yourself with our knowledge, you can send it in and we’ll fix it!

Online Troubleshooting:

  • First 3 emails FREE
  • Following emails are $2ea

In store Troubleshoot and Repair

  • $80 + postage for first hour. Includes maintenance and cleaning
  • $60/hr for ever extra hour of repair and troubleshooting
  • Price of parts added as required

There is such a wide variety of 3D Printers out there and we can ONLY fix consumer printers. If you have a manufactures warranty on your printer we encourage that you still use them first. If you’ve attempted to build your own printer and have gotten stuck then we’re what you’re looking for!

MADMAT 3D Printing are NOT responsible for any manufacturing faults that were present before working on the printer and will cover any parts needed.

Email: info@madmat3dprinting.com.au